CalicoCast was founded on these beliefs:

  • Words Inspire
  • Play Inspires
  • Wordplay Inspires Kids to Imagine a Better Way

CalicoCast was founded by a handful of book lovers who know if you share great books with kids, hand them some ways to play, then they will be inspired to play with words, stories, and ideas.  And, if they can do that today, if they can imagine a different way to put words together, then they just might be willing and able to help find new ways, in the future, to help us move toward understanding and connecting with one another.

Kids will use the many ways they’ve learned to communicate – agreed upon meanings, sounds, gestures, imagery.  They do this naturally because they are open to building an agreed upon meaning in order to be understood.  Once we lock in too tightly to the meaning of words, it can be harder to find understanding.  Wordplay is a practice, the practice of using words in ways that give pleasure to the ear, head, and heart.  By giving kids great books, books written by authors who understand the nature of words, we show them there are many ways to express ideas and make meaning.

Wordplay involves experimentation, creativity, curiosity and flexibility.  All necessary skills for a increasingly complex, information-filled, multi-cultural world.

CalicoCast is our little way,

in our English-speaking bay,

to share a few fun ways,

to wordplay.